in the past year lok capital is proud to have...

Invested Across 5 Sectors Driving Inclusion in India

increased our commitment to strong businesses that directly address niche gaps to financial inclusion:
Diversified into new sectors, within Lok Capital Growth Fund, that drive inclusive growth:
all of which positively impact core elements of the united nations sustainable development goals:
  • sme financing

    veritas finance

    Investment Date: November 2017

    Company Overview: Veritas focuses primarily on providing medium-and long-term credit to micro enterprises. Typical customers of Veritas-small and micro entrepreneurs who run bakeries, restaurants and provision stores-have monthly incomes ranging from Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 60,000, with no prior exposure to formal business finance. MSMEs today deal with poor support infrastructure, inadequate market linkages, lack of adequate and timely financing sources and end up relying overwhelmingly on informal sources of lending. By investing in companies like Veritas that provide this support and most importantly safe and timely financing, Lok promotes organization of a sector that is critical in meeting national objectives of generating employment, improving livelihoods.

  • fintech


    Investment Date: September 2017

    Company Overview: Mintifi enables financing to MSMEs (micro to small and medium enterprises) by leveraging technology to aggregate and utilize operational data as a key part of the credit underwriting process. There is a large and unmet demand in for debt financing for the upwards of 29 MN MSMEs operating in India. While traditional lenders face steep challenges in servicing this segment, from heavy sourcing costs to subjective credit assessments, Mintifi is bridging the gap; fostering innovative partnerships to drive financial inclusion in the MSME space.

  • affordable housing finance


    Investment Date: May 2017

    Company Overview: Ummeed is a Delhi based affordable housing company providing home loans to lower and middle income Indian families. Ummeed helps people with informal incomes, those who have limited access to organized finance and who also constitute significant portion of the Indian population. Lok's follow-on investment in Ummeed will be used for further expansion into north and central India and an expansion of technology. According to founder Ashutosh Sharma, "traditional credit models are not specifically made for affordable housing finance" and this is where technology can play a role to better address this underserved segment.

  • healthcare

    dr. mohan's diabetes specialty centres (DMDSC)

    Investment Date: April 2017

    Company Overview: The International Diabetes Federation (IDF) estimates that India will become the diabetes capital of the world with the number of cases of diabetes expected to cross 100 million by 2030, from about 70 million today. Dr. Mohan's is one of the earliest organised players in the diabetes care market in India having setup 34 centres across seven states in India. Dr. Mohan's takes a holistic approach to diabetes care from prevention to treatment with the vision to provide high quality & comprehensive diabetes care across geographies and income segments throughout India. Lok's investment represents the first institutional capital taken by Dr. Mohan's in its quarter century plus of operations.

  • small finance bank


    Investment Date: February 2017

    Company Overview: Suryoday is a Mumbai based Small Finance Bank providing financial services to 750,000+ low-income customers. Originally a microfinance insitution, Suryoday went live as a small finance bank (SFB) in January 2017. Lok played a key role in the successful transformation to a small finance bank, which Suryoday touts as a: "small step in banking but a big step in social inclusion". Lok managing partner, Venky Natarajan, headed the SFB transformation committee. Led by Mr. R. Baskar Babu, Suryoday's main endeavor is to bring the best banking solutions to the 'banked', 'under-banked' and the 'un-banked' sections of the society.